What length shocks do you need?

I suggest that most riders select the same eye-to-eye length as the shocks that were fitted as OEM on your motorcycle, so that the center and sidestands work properly.

Lowering the motorcycle by shortening the shock absorbers can cause problems with clearance between the tire and fender, as well as cornering clearance on uneven surfaces.

Raising the motorcycle by lengthening the shocks introduces problems with the driveshaft tilt angle as well as causing an undesireable steepening of the fork angle. This may lead to unacceptable istability,which can cause an accident.

Most BMW airhead twins use 340 mm shocks. The short wheel base (SWB) /5 models were fitted  from the factory with 325 mm shocks. Since all YSS twin shocks are fitted with a length adjuster that allows up to 10 mm additonal length, you can select the 320 mm shock and adjust them for perfect fit to your SWB /5.