JL Paralever Bushing Upgrade Kit

JL Paralever Bushings

JL Paralever Bushing Upgrade Kit - $144.00 + Shipping

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Includes: 2 bushings, 2 races, and 0.5ml of Loctite 263 - enough for 1 motorcycle 

International (up to 4 lbs)

What are JL Paralever Bushings???

  In the words of the manufacturer:

   "I developed these after purchasing a ' 93 R100GSPD and hearing stories about Drive Shaft failures. I decided to inspect the Drive Shaft every 2500 miles. The one recurring failure I found was the Final Drive Pivot Bearings, anything from rough bearings to one set actually seized up from shattered rollers. All lubing and preload was per BMW specs.. I will say the bike is not stock and goes where I point it. To my knowledge a roller bearing is designed to roll not rock back and forth, wearing a groove in the race and a flat on the roller. My Bushings are a direct replacement made from 660 Oilite Bronze that is oil impregnated and self lubricating, matched to a Timken Bearing race. They provide a much larger contact surface than the rollers since the full face of the bushing contacts the race. I have developed and tested these for three years in my GS with great success, the present set has 15k miles with no measurable wear. If any wear does occur it will be negated when adjusting preload. I have also installed a set in my ' 94 K1100LT. I am confident these bushings are a one time investment and you will be happy with their performance. "

    The best feature about them, besides the reliability, is the ease of refitting the Paralever assembly after any servicing. On the road this could prevent a trip-stopping failure of the OEM tapered needle bearings. These bearings replace BMW Part Number 33 17 2 311 091, used on ALL Paralever models BMW has produced from 1987 to 2004 except the R1200GS. . I do not believe that they will fit the R1200GS, ST or RT models, nor will they fit the new K1200S or K1200R.

    We recommend the HONDA MOLY 60 PASTE for lubrication of the Paralever Bushing kit as well as many other spline lubrication needs on your BMW. You can conveniently order the Honda Lube here: HONDA MOLY 60 PASTE.

    We also recommend Loctite 263 Threadlocker for the BMW OEM pivot pins as well as for our Paralever Bushing Replacement Kit. Loctite 263 can be found here: LOCTITE 263 THREADLOCKER

**Kit now INCLUDES Loctite 263 (0.5 ml tube)**

JL Paralever Bushing Installation Instructions

International (up to 4 lbs)