Transmission and Rear Drive Shipping Tips




To prepare the gearbox or rear drive for shipment, drain and clean thoroughly, reinstall drain and fill plugs, and use wadded paper towel to plug other holes (input shaft both ends). Tape a wad of towels over the breather cap and then put the component into a plastic trash bag. This will stop any oil seepage, which is necessary, as UPS will return any leaking package.


Box the transmission in a sturdy cardboard box, using stiff Styrofoam to secure it in the box. Then put the first box into a second larger box, with stiff Styrofoam sandwiched stuffed between the boxes. This will give adequate protection for the transit. You may leave the shift arm, neutral switch and clutch throwout lever in place, I will clean and reinstall them.  
It is important that you thoroughly wash and drain the gearbox or Rear Drive before shipping.


Wrap the component with some paper towels and seal in a trash bag to prevent leakage into the shipping container. Your container will be re-used for return shipment. If it is not sturdy enough to survive re-use, a new container will be constructed at additional charge.


Please follow the same general instructions for packing and shipping a rear drive. Know that if you send your rear drive with the brake shoes installed, they will probably get oil-soaked before I get the drive. It is virtually impossible to drain the rear drive well enough to prevent SOME oil from escaping in shipping. Wrap with several layers of paper towels. 


Please be CERTAIN to include a typed letter that includes ALL of the following information:


Full Name
Shipping Address
City, State, Zip Code
Home and cell phone numbers
Work Phone (if it is OK to call you there.)
EMAIL ADDRESS. (Yes, I know you sent me email already, but it wastes a half hour every time I have to go search out people's information.)

Year, Model and MILEAGE of the component
VIN (serial number) of the bike it is from.

A paragraph detailing the history (brief) of the problem and the work you want performed. 

This will constitute a Repair Order. Please sign the letter. 


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Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.